The Truth Shall set you free - Supernatural review

Okay, so I've missed the first 20 minutes of the show because Mom and Dad decided that we had to watch 'The Prarie Home Companion' - its some movie about the live radio show......pointless. But then again, I didn't grow up listening to guess it makes sense for me to say that. *sigh*

The party city commercial and its got Michael Jackson's Thriller as its much did they have to pay for that? I mean, has anyone watched Chocolat with Johnny Depp? In one part the priest is singing an Elvis Presley song and on the commentary, someone said that it took a lot of money to buy just the few lines they used in the movie and that if they wanted the dude to do the moves, that'd have taken a lot more money.

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I forgot - pg13

I forgot

Fandom – Supernatural

Rating – PG13

Characters – Dean and Sam Winchester

Disclaimer – I disclaim any responsibility for the boys.

Warnings – Fluff, Protective! Dean, Sick! Sam and gratuitous use of handcuffs for none-bdsm activities along with not an ounce of Wincest to be seen.

Summary – “Sam!” Dean snapped, “Get out!”

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Late to the party

Ugh. I am late to the party. But we watched "Prince of Persia" as our family night movie.
It was really awesome. I loved the stunts and maybe I'll find some fan fic. *lol* as if I need another fandom to be in. *rolls eyes*

I am looking forward to writing a commentary on this weeks SPN episode. Dude, I love Vampyre. Anne Rice's novels was the first thing I've ever read about Vampyre. So, that's basically why I despise Twilight. I hope this weeks episode is good. We're gonna find out more about SPN's Vampyre and I hope that it doesn't disappoint. I mean - I feel very....nervous. I felt that way last week because that episode was directed by Jensen Ackles. It turned out that I didn't need to be nervous or afraid. I just....did anyone else feel this way during the other seasons?

I joined late in the game and I kinda wish I was here at the beginning.
I just don't want this episode to be an epic fail, because that would suck worse than having the Vampyre Lestat as a lover. *sigh*

Sneaking In - G

Since we're into season 6. I gifured it'd be nice to go back to season 1...or....way, way back.
Anyway, enjoy this little moment of Dean's life.

Sneaking In


By – karma_abounds


Rating - G


Fandom – Supernatural


Characters – Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester.


Warnings – Pre-series, Stanford!Sam and mostly Dean-Centric, Protective!Dean


Disclaimer – I do not own nor do I make any money on this fan fiction.


Summary – Dean “Visits” Sammy at Stanford.


- - -


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Larks Never Sing in Captivity - pt1

Larks never Sing in Captivity


Fandom – Supernatural

Rating - PG13/R


By – aubreestjames with help from louisbeaumont and karma_abounds.


Disclaimer – We do not own and do not make any money off this fan fiction.


Warnings – Flash backs of Hell, torture, abuse, and other things….


Summary – Dean has been given the ‘Big Squeeze’. He’s back and is searching for Sam who isn’t doing so well. With the Apocalypse on, the Angels angry at Dean for becoming a Demon – though technically that isn’t his fault – the Brother Winchesters shall have to find another way to save the world, and themselves.


(Other Key Words – Demon!Dean, Limp!Sam, Protective!Dean – and I mean Super-de-dooper Protective!)



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Big pot of chili

So I got up at seven this morning - usually I sleep till eight or so - to be on top of things since Mum is gonna be in bed all week because of her hernia. The doctors are hoping that if she lets it heal up that she won't need sugery. Knowing the luck my family tends to get - we're a bit better than Dean and Sam because this is just normal stuff we have to deal with.

So anyway - I don't, technically, know how to make chili. However, I looked it up online, and just used the ingredients while I felt my way around making the chili. I have to clean up the kitchen and start making lunch now. My siblings are old enough to do for themselves, but I shall have to figure out something for Mum to have.

I'm also gonna make corn bread to go along with the chili.

I feel like I need SPN fics where someone is sick/injured and the other makes chili to cheer them up. *lol*

Hernia Repair

So, when Mom was a brand new baby, she had a hernia repair done. Now 53 years later, she has another one that the doctors are keeping a close eye on in the same spot. I don't know much and I don't know siblings and I are continuing such juvenile behavior. My sister flat out lied to Mom's face about a fight she and 2-bro had this afternoon. I clearly heard him yelling at her and calling her a "fucking bitch" - which is the truth.

It's always a constant, she opens her mouth and she's a mean snake with fangs down to her knees just to cut a person apart. I realy despise her on levels that a Human isn't supposed to know. Levels that are probably gonna send me to hell in a handbasket.

I wonder if I will go to Hell, even though my name is in the Book of Life. I mean....I know she's just 14, but sometimes I seriously odubt that I even want to be her sister. I really don't like the job, nor do I want it. Our other Brother left the house in early April and just now has he sent us word - but he called Mom by her name and didn't even address Dad in the letter.

Tony did drinking and shit behind our backs and was a real asshole. He's changed though by going to a prayer meeting at Church and stuff. My sister thinks everything should be handed to her. If she yells at you or gets upset, you have better do what you're told or else it gets messy. I usually ignore this because I don't give a rats-arse about the shit they're doing. I doubt they care about the shit I do online.

I guess I'm more upset about the way I handled things - is it wrong of me to feel angry that Kat thinks she can just bash me and say shit about me that I would never do? How am I supposed to squash this down. I know that today isn't the time or place to take care of this - however - I do know that if I talk to Mom about it later, she'll still take Kat's side over mine.

And JUST few months ago - Mom told me, to my face, that out of all her children I am the most trustful and that. Shit, that made me happy. I was so glad to hear it and it a false hope?

I don't know and it makes me hurt.
It's that sort of hurt that claps your heart in a vice like grip and just squeezes till you think it'll bust and blood will gush outof your mouth seconds later. How do you stop it? how do you make this anger go away. How do you enjoy life again?

I don't know.

- - -

My brother and I have had this amazing talk, and I feel happier now than I have in weeks.